Jak předstírat manželce orgasmus

Každý z nás ženatých mužů ví, že se jedná o tabuizované téma, na které neradi mluvíme. Ovšem moje poslání šířit světlo a pravdu je silnější a rád nováčky poučím.

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Many people go to USA and see the kind of inivdidual freedom there and astonish. Then a deep anguish sets in that why in india we do not respect inivdidual freedom like they do in USA? The answer as it occurred to me were two reasons. 1. Communism : This ideology is based on collectivism. Any form of collectivism leads to collective responsibility taking over inivdidual freedom. Even though a degree of collective responsibility is needed, it cannot be the be all and end all of everything. Collective responsibility is imposed on people who do not like it leads to refusal and shunning from their duty. Large scale apathy and corruption ensue. 2. Overpopulation : Just because we have too many people we do not respect humans as they ought to be respected. Just as too much availability makes things cheep, human over population makes human life cheep in india. So, we never respect others and so never give a hoot on others freedom. Individual freedom is as good as dead when no body respects it. Both the problems are interlinked. One feeds on other for its survival. As many people see the apathy of others towards them, they form communities and fight back. This is a fertile ground for communist ideology to flourish. The solution:First and foremost, ban communism. Then address the problems of overpopulation by forcing bussiness tycoons to invest in educational sector to educate poor for free. And also force them to provide health care. In return, large tax cuts, and excise duty cuts can be made. Its just an ameture suggestion. Thinking in this line of free market will definitely lead to better life for the poor than than brainwashing them with a faulty ideology, making them lazy and unemployable. Slowly but surely we can get rid of problems. First and foremost is the all round banning of communist ideology.
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