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Protože si zakládáme i na faktu, že články redaktorů Aktovky-X mohou být do jisté míry rozpolcené, přidávám vlastní názor.

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09.10.2015 01:50 prsE3zfN
is, they are civilized pelpoe and not racists. And asked you to substantiate the racism charges that leveled against israelites. I am not getting a satisfying answer//It is like the so called DK pelpoe blabbering that the land of TN belongs to only non brahmins. It is the same concept employed by jews in driving away the legal citizens of palestine. //Legal citizens of palestine are not driven away. They are welcome to live side by side to Jews. If palestinians bomb jewish pelpoe in the name of islam, then It becomes mandatory to drive off pelpoe who are educated to kill jews. I was thinking the same thing like you before i went to israel. I realized, i had changed a lot after i came back. People in Israel do not think the way we do especially in matters of war with arabs. An american friend of mine who came from California once said as what he felt about the recent lebanon war, and i quote:" I have long supported the creation of an independent Palestinian state, but when I hear about life in Gaza, about how fractured it is, how the order in large parts of it is held by whoever has guns, I cannot help but question whether the Palestinian Authority has any. I've been surprised to find myself agreeing with some of the actions taken by the IDF. It seems true that Israel cannot afford to negotiate, because if they are seen as weak, more soldiers will be kidnapped (the recent events in Lebanon seem to support this) . And while I think the response in Lebanon has been overly excessive, I can appreciate that the IDF is limiting Hezbollah's ability to fire rockets on Israeli civilians. "
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